COW Foundation


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A world where children can grow and develop their full potential.


To create and promote an enabling environment in which OVC are adequately protected, cared for and supported holistically.

COW Foundation has broken ground on an inventive development of farmers in Mucwini sub-County of Kitgum-Uganda. The livestock and farms inputs, such as hoes jerry can, wheel borrow, groundnut and bean seeds, were provided to the community on Thursday April 7th, 2011. The objective of the project is to strengthen and diversify livelihoods and improve food security in the Acholi Sub Region. 

In conjunction with adding value to agricultural products, COW Foundation is building famers' capacities in agro-processing, storage, marketing, and business skills. By increasing beneficiaries’ access to agricultural markets, COW Foundation will succeed in strengthening the local community, decreasing vulnerability, and fostering their socio-economic ideas geared towards self sustainable. Through this intervention, 25 farmers have gained skill in managing oxen, cow and beans and groundnut gardens.