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A world where children can grow and develop their full potential.


To create and promote an enabling environment in which OVC are adequately protected, cared for and supported holistically.

Water Sanitation and Hygiene (Wash) Project.

Children as Change Agents

The club, which meets three times a week, is supported by UNICEF and implemented by COW Foundation a local non-governmental organization. Its goal is to development the capacity of the pupils, both boys and girls, at 30 schools to translate the knowledge in to practice, so they become role model in hygiene practice and take instant initiative to motivate the communities to adopt good hygiene and sanitation behaviors in Kitgum.

Pupils demostrating hand washing at Child Care Primary –Kitgum, Uganda       

As an example of a School-led Total Sanitation (SLTS) program, the club empowers children to be the agents of change within their communities by encouraging local families to construct latrines and end the practice of open defecation.

As notice during the implementation Clubs activities has demonstrated significance increased in latrine coverage from 10% to 30% in the school catchments area.

Patricia and her family are in one of the households that took action as a result of the SLTS programmer. Following the death of Patricia’s brother, life for her family was difficult. With return to their original home from the Internally Displaced Camp (IDPs) to support her family had little money available to spend on sanitation supplies. Due to a lack of facilities, the entire family was required to practice open defecation in the surrounding bush.

"I used to be so afraid of going to the latrine, I feared I might sink down in the pit," explained Patricia.

The introduction of SLTS to Kalabong Primary school encouraged Patricia’s family to make a change. Earlier this year, with help from her neighbours, the family began to construct a latrine using local materials. The latrine is now complete and the family uses it on a daily basis.