COW Foundation


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A world where children can grow and develop their full potential.


To create and promote an enabling environment in which OVC are adequately protected, cared for and supported holistically.

Recruited into armies. Forced into sex work. Exposed and experienced all forms of child abuse, Shut away in institutions. Our work is to ensure vulnerable children/youth are protected, cared for, to the best of our ability, we are ever there with the community. Even in the most challenging conditions, we are on the ground, reaching the most vulnerable children where they live.

Children–the majority of Uganda’s population–continue to suffer with many of them living in situations where their human rights are abused on a regular basis. 

For most children living conditions are characterized by inadequate access to health services, poor quality of education, and unacceptably high cases of child abuse and neglect. 

From malnourishment through to children orphaned by aids and children exposed to sexual abuse and physical violence–the forms of abuse and neglect are endemic. By 2010, Uganda had a population of 33 million people-19 million of whom are children. Estimates indicate up to 90% of children grow up in poverty with one in five suffering from chronic hunger. The majority of these children are living in poor families.

Child neglect and teenage pregnancy remains the biggest form of abuse. Incidences of child neglect include the failure of parents to meet nutritional, health, educational needs and leaving a child unsupervised for long periods of time.