COW Foundation


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A world where children can grow and develop their full potential.


To create and promote an enabling environment in which OVC are adequately protected, cared for and supported holistically.

The Power of Education

Without education, children are less likely to be healthy, grow strong or be safe. Without an education, they are less likely to fully participate in their communities or raise healthy children themselves one day. Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life. 

To advance learning, COW Foundation supports education programs for children in the classroom and at homeEducation is a right for all children that gives people choices and opportunities in life.
  •  We make sure that children don't stop learning during a crisis, and we help to keep kids   healthy so they don't fall behind or drop out.
  •  We help formerly abducted and most vulnerable children heal, learn and do better in school.
  •  We introduce children to the power of innovation expression-drawing, painting, music, drama, and dance.
  •  We coach parents and caregivers to help their children learn early, so they are prepared to enter school.